I help ambitious people make difficult decisions — MOMENT OF TRUTH decisions — courageously, quickly, and with no regret.  

Megan is one of those remarkable people for whom coaching is both natural and profoundly insightful. Warm, encouraging and wicked smart, she blends proven techniques with practical experiences layered with common sense. Some promise, few deliver, Megan exceeds and excites expectations.
— Brian Sheehan, Retail Sales Executive and Entrepreneur
I approached Megan Ragsdale to help bring both credibility and extensive subject matter expertise in the leadership development arena to a leadership mentoring program I was establishing. I loved her authentic approach to developing short term goals while maintaining a long range vision based on my organization’s unique needs and culture. The results speak for themselves: a leadership mentorship program that’s been identified as a best practice nationally, workforce participation is at 23% and growing every month, and most importantly, a marked improvement in developing a leadership mindset. I would absolutely recommend Megan to any individual looking to identify, hone and refine their leadership skills to drive and achieve mission outcomes. Megan delivers results to any organization looking to develop a deep bench of leaders.
— Johanna Hladun, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, FBI

1:1 Self-Innovation™

After many years of doing leadership, innovation and business consulting in Fortune 100 and 500 companies, I started to realize that what really lit me up was coaching people - on the deep stuff, not the day to day operational business decisions. The stuff that was really stopping people from performing at their peak and just simply being happy: self-doubt, fear of failing, perfectionism....and most of all, avoiding making decisions that mattered.

I could see, before my clients even did, that they had arrived at what I call "Moment of Truth" decisions.  And that's where I like to come in and help.

I use a combination of Mindfulness and innovation tools to help clients move through these decisions with wisdom and courage.  


Custom high potential leadership and mentoring programs because Mindful, emotionally-aware leaders create the best cultures and attract the best people.

Leadership and personal development workshops for companies who want to invest in women leaders.  My workshops combine mindfulness and innovation techniques to accelerate women's growth toward their personal and professional goals.

Culture assessments and culture transformation strategy for businesses that recognize the need to make changes more in tune with the stated company vales.

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Megan Ragsdale

I use a unique blend of Mindfulness and  innovation techniques to help clients become the best versions of themselves and go from talking about doing great things to actually doing them.

I would not hesitate to approach Megan with any guidance on coaching or team development. Her counsel to me has always been timely and accurate, but more importantly I have always felt a deep level of respect and ownership during the crafting of any solutions or strategies.
— Mark Spaniol, VP Sales & Marketing, Western Marketing