Megan is a woman of passion. She is a leader, influencer and mentor who not only cares about budgets and sales, but about the people in the field who impact those things. Megan taught me the ultimate lesson in the corporate world, and that was how to manage relationships. I often faced challenging situations that she would coach me through. The direction she provided left me feeling more confident and empowered to face my challenges. If you’re looking for someone to coach you through the road map to becoming successful in your career, then you have certainly found a jewel. She’ll coach you into a better you by teaching you how to enhance your current skills, how to foster relationships and how to build and protect your image in the workforce.
— DeLauren Everett, Events Lead, Book & Content Distribution

The 6 Foundational Elements

Innovation isn't just for products and software. It means that you are using a different or better method to accomplish something. Self-Innovation™ takes into account the fact that people aren't one person in their careers and another at home.  

We continually need to adapt and adjust as our circumstances change, and this can often mean that changes in one area of our lives creates an imbalance in another area.  The biggest friction in people's lives is caused by their belief that they should be able to keep these things in balance at the same time.  

Effort in one area = trade-offs in another.  

We call these life elements F6: Family, Friends, Finances (what you do to make money), Fire (your romantic passion), the Fifth Element, or that thing you do independent of all these other relationships that makes you feel fulfilled, and lastly, Fitness.

Looking at your life through this lens takes the guilt out of the equation, and allows you to make more thoughtful decisions about your life and where you want to go next.

The Self-Innovation™ process will help you systematically map out your business and personal goals and discover what trade-offs you're willing to make in the process of achieving them.  

It is possible to have everything you want.  Just not all at the same time.

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