Hi and welcome!

I'm Megan Ragsdale. And if you're ready, I'll be your new coach

Greatness, making an impact, living a fulfilled life: you know you have it in you, but you don't know how to get to it. You've tried, and hustled, offered yourself up to the world on a platter, yet you're still hitting a wall. It's frustrating as hell, and you've struggled enough. That's where I come in.

I will help you become the best possible version of yourself.

Why can I break through that wall that you're hitting if you haven't been able to? After all, you know yourself better than anyone ever will. 

Because I have the tools that will break through that wall.

I will give you the tools, guidance, and support you need to break out of your box and start making a bigger impact in your personal and professional life. In other words, I'll help you build the limitless space you're supposed to live in, and leave your current box in pieces . 

I've built this experience over 20 years of leaving my blood, sweat, and tears in the trenches of Global Fortune 500 businesses.

Twenty years of winning, losing, succeeding, failing, being loved, being hated, loving, hating, doing, watching... then always winning again.

I didn't just read a bunch of business books and curate the best practices for you. I've done the work myself.  From managing large international teams and millions of dollars in budgets to leading successful initiatives, and even some failed ones. From creating jobs, traveling the world, and learning how to act like an entrepreneur inside a large company.  I've coached executives, entry-level sales associates, and start-up founders. I've been mentored by great leaders, and managed by terrible ones. I've built a great network of top leaders that I can tap into to make sure my clients are getting the best resources possible. Through years of changing roles and companies, I've amassed priceless knowledge about how to navigate the business world, and how to not sacrifice yourself in the process.  

This knowledge is your blueprint to getting what you want, FASTER. 

If you and I are going to work together, there's a few last things you should know about me.  In addition to my business experience, I'm a certified career and life coach (CLC). In my personal life, I wear a lot of hats, like you: author, inventor, wife, mother, sister, and friend. I am uncompromising on my beliefs, which are: that all people should be treated fairly and equally, that you can and should have a sense of humor about most things, that you should help others reach their goals and can influence people to do better, that creativity, innovation and education are values to live by, that giving back is a must. If you're made of similar stuff and are ready to make an impact on the world, we're a perfect match.

Ready to GSD? Let's get started.  Contact me here and we'll get the ball rolling. 

You just want to chat first? Let me know what's on your mind, and I'll get in touch. 


Professional Bio:

Megan Ragsdale is a highly accomplished thought leader innovating in critical business spaces like sales and marketing, the customer experience, new product development and talent management. Megan's superpowers include the ability to cajole, charm, tenaciously convince and fundraise within large organizations to keep innovation alive; navigate initiatives and projects through a corporation while keeping a start-up mindset and wallet, and create tremendously positive customer experiences by building cultural change through employee development and coaching, sustainable customer experience models, and post-care customer support programs that instill loyalty and drive revenue and conversion.  Megan is a successful motivator of the critical Gen Y/Millennial workforce, capable of turning disengagement and disillusion into problem-solving and proactivity. Megan's mindset is always to try new things and do things differently - and be willing to sometimes fail in the process.

Megan's business experience spans multiple lines of business in global Fortune 500 companies, including retail consumer electronics, energy, telecommunications, and the public sector, with such brands as Deloitte, Motorola, Sony Electronics, and Air Products and Chemicals. Megan has been lucky enough to travel the world and  live and work overseas  in the Asia PAC, Latin American, and EMEA regions of the world.

In addition to meganragsdale.com, Megan leads the coaching practice for Career Revolution, (www.careerrev.com), unleashing the talents of young professionals and helping the organizations they work for develop a new generation of leaders.